API client libraries

Thank you to Jeff Lang at Symplectic for creating this forum! 

Like I suspect some other developers at Symplectic libraries are doing, we've developed various code libraries for working the the Elements API and/or database.  Just at various groups at Penn, at least three different libraries have been worked on by different developers and groups, one in Java, one in Perl, and one, I'm told, in Ruby.  

Jeff Chiu worked on a Java library while he was here, and I believe reported on it in a user group meeting.  He's moved on to a different job now, and I don't expect him to make any further updates now, but you can see what he developed and shared at Github:


I've got a Perl library that I extended from earlier code to work with VIVO.  It's not yet on any public repo, and it's tied in with some Penn-specific code, but the basic modules for API access and a filesystem cache for loading records may be of interest, if anyone else is developing in Perl.

I'm told our School of Medicine developers are putting together a library using Ruby, but I don't know more details about this at the moment.

Does anyone else have code they'd like to tell folks about, or have any interest in any of the libraries I've mentioned above?

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