REF2 output type and metadata mapping

Hi everyone

We wanted to present our plans for implementing a REF2 output type and metadata mapping, and seek your feedback as per below.  We intend to deliver this functionality in the 5.17 (August) release.

As per the attached mockup, you can see that we plan to offer functionality that will enable institutions to define their own default output type mappings (and by default, we mean that it will be possible to override all default mappings (such that any Elements Publication type can be returned as any REF2 Output type)).


But offering this kind of flexibility does have a key restraint. For all mappings, institutions must ensure that the Elements publication template includes all relevant underlying fields (as per the 'Metadata mapping' table (attached)) to ensure that all required metadata can be captured. For example, if you plan to return an Elements 'artefact' as a D-Journal Article, you must ensure that your 'artefact' template includes all relevant metadata fields for D-Journal Article, as per the mapping (e.g. journal, volume, issn). If the Publication template does not include relevant metadata fields, the output will fail validation and there will be no means to populate the missing data.

As such, we are asking all institutions to check the proposed metadata mapping in detail to ensure that it will meet your needs. If you foresee any issues with the proposed metadata mapping, please get in touch as soon as possible so we can pursue potential solutions.

Many thanks!


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