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Copying a message here that Elena posted on the general feature requests forum (

We will be discussing our plans for additional REF user roles and permissions at the REF webinar on Wednesday, 23 October.



From the notes in, it sounds like you are onto this already, but I just wanted to add a couple of comments based on my experience with Assessment (currently using 5.16 in Production and 5.18 in Dev) and the feedback I have been getting from our REF Unit coordinators. Other institutions may have their own thoughts?

I think there is at least one role missing in the current set up to enable us to work efficiently and I agree with the suggestions that some areas of the REF1 and REF2 form should not be editable by Unit Managers. These include:

  • REF1 form
  • Override fields, including output date, number of co-authors and OA compliance status
  • Bulk uploads - it could get messy with many people uploading data and overwriting each other's work.


However, I feel that it is not appropriate to use the System Admin, Assessment Admin or even Exercise Manager for the purpose of editing these areas as that could compromise the system and the data that we have already collected. All these roles include configuration permissions which are not required for making changes to the data, and should not be available widely. What we need is a role (or several roles) for specific admin staff who will be checking the data and editing it where required.

If possible it would be preferable to have permissions allocated individually to manage each one of these areas separately - for example staff in the library check and amend the OA compliance, whereas the REF1 data is the responsibility of the HR team. If not possible to allocate permissions individually, the System Verifier role may be suitable.

I completely agree with the feedback that bulk actions for Unit managers should only give them access to data for their own units, not the whole exercise. The current configuration is not ideal.

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